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At Mesa Christian Academy, we strive to work with each student individually, and we do that by using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum (A.C.E.) in all subjects. We begin by giving our kindergarten students a solid phonics foundation as they learn to read. Once they are reading independently, typically around Christmas time, we help them start to move through the other core subjects at a success level designed just for them. They are not pushed along too quickly or slowed down just to keep them at the same pace as everyone else in the class. Our goal is for them to master the material they are learning before moving along, regardless of what other students are doing. All of our students must score 80% or better to move on to the next unit in each subject. Each unit is called a PACE (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education).


When older students transfer to MCA after attending other schools, we administer a diagnostic test to measure their reading level, their understanding of concepts in Math and English, and to get an overall look at their educational situation. After testing a student, and reviewing their transferred school records, we prescribe "gap PACEs" for them as needed. These are areas of learning that they have not mastered previously, as shown on their diagnostic tests. Once the gap areas are mastered, then students will continue along at their appropriately assigned success level. 


As students enter the high school levels at MCA, they are dually enrolled with Lighthouse Christian Academy, an accreditated school located just outside of Nashville, TN, that also uses the A.C.E. curriculum. This dual enrollment allows the student a choice of 4 different diploma levels (Vocational, General, College Prep, and Honors), all of which are accreditated. MCA works closely with LCA throughout the student's high school years to choose the best possible path for them. We take into account the student's future career goals, their past performance, diagnosed gaps, current PACE level, parent/guardian input, etc. Earning a high school diploma is a huge accomplishment, and we want each of our students to reach that goal. 


As for extracurriculars and "specials", all students get to participate in weekly Art, PE, and General Music. Sign Language is available for older students. We have Chapel every Wednesday morning, which includes some worship songs and a devotional message or object lesson from either Mrs. Mexin, another staff member, or a guest pastor/youth pastor from a local church. Each school year we try to have several field trips/activities (either on or off campus), and occasionally a service trip.


We encourage you to schedule a tour to see if MCA might be the right fit for your student and family!

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